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“If we can persuade enough people that science is as wonderful as it is useful, then we will be far better equipped as a civilization to face the great challenges of the 21st century.”
Brian Cox (via chos)


Just imagine what it would be like to gaze up at the sky as Andromeda approached. The sky would be ablaze with the light of hundreds of billions of suns, and the imminent collision would provide the energy to generate the births of hundreds of millions more. What a magnificent sight it would be.

Professor Brian Cox. Wonders of the Universe - Falling.


I want to go to Andromeda :(

“Well, the answer is that they were practicing for a manned mission to Mars. I do that by sitting in a Jacuzzi.”
Brian Cox on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2011 (via project-argus)


Tossing Ewoks into a lake of farts…

(via isharayar)


Love Professor Brian Cox.  :]


Love Professor Brian Cox.  :]

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